Muenster, Texas was founded in 1889 by German Catholic settlers Carl and Emil Flusche. One of several small towns in Texas founded by the Flusche brothers, this one was in western Cooke County just aside the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad which ran from Gainesville to Henrietta. The railroad ceased operation in the 1960's. Muenster is currently situated along Hwy 82 about 15 miles west of Gainesville and Interstate 35. German was spoken until the mid 1930's after which English became more common. The economy in Muenster is maintained through agriculture, oil production, steel fabrication, metal machining, home building, and other industry. It is home to Sacred Heart Catholic Church, the First Baptist Church, Sacred Heart School, Muenster Independent School District, Muenster Memorial Hospital, Muenster Memorial Hospital Family Health Clinic, and Muenster Memorial Hospital Home Health.

Map of Muenster, Texas